HDL with a new injection molding machine products debut CHINAPLAS 2018


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"CHINAPLAS 2018" (the 32nd China International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition) will be held in Shanghai hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center from April 24 to 27, 2018. Ningbo Haida Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. will show many new products at booth 4.1E85.

K series high performance fast thin wall injection molding machine

K series high performance fast thin-wall injection molding machine for the current market high speed thin-wall products, multi-cavity products and related civil products and carefully developed machine.

This model is based on the latest international design concept combined with decades of haida design and manufacturing experience carefully built;

According to the characteristics of injection production, the injection, clamping, hydraulic, control and other integrated optimization design, greatly shorten the production cycle time;

Multi-action in line with the operation design, high speed and low pressure injection molding improve the production efficiency of thin-wall products;

The use of high quality materials, high life design of the mechanical structure, greatly reduce the maintenance cost;

Comply with the national mandatory safety standards to ensure the safety of personnel operation;

Frame frame design, on the basis of finite element analysis to improve the stiffness and strength, greatly improve the accuracy of the frame, reduce the deformation of the frame, make the machine run more smooth.

A new generation of clear plastic injection machine HD160DP

Two independent single cylinder injection units respectively complete the injection of two kinds of materials, supplemented by low resistance, high precision linear guide, low inertia, fast response, modular design, multiple injection units can be optional;

A new generation of solid wide plate type clamping mechanism, equipped with high-performance mold turntable, and a special position holding device, to avoid the relaxation of the turntable;

High performance proportional valves control the movement of the rotary table, smooth, fast, accurate;

Two servo hydraulic system, can work independently or jointly, high efficiency and energy saving;

Fully closed electrical control box, using high performance controller and world famous brand components, safe and stable.