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About Yomato Die Casting Machine

Changzhou Yomato Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is a professional company for the R&D,manufacturing and sales & service of die casting maching,the factory accoupied with more than 160,000 sq.ft,Located at Wujin District,Changzhou City,which as the center of the beautiful and fertile Yangtze River Delta,the company enjoys convenient with sea,land and air traffic,it's only 1.2km distance with Expressway G42.At the end of 2017,Yomato Purchased the land( 22666㎡) in the Jintan Provincial Development Zone in Changzhou.The new factory building area was 17680㎡. It is expected to move in the new factory in June 2019,the new factory will increase the annual production more than 600sets with different models.Meanwhile,the company name is changed to "Jiangsu Yomato Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.".

In order to improve the quality and process requirements, in early 2017,invested tens of millions of RMB to purchase imported CNC machining centers, boring and milling machines, deep hole internal grinder and other processing equipment. We are caring the team building with excellent R&D and sales&service,Our team own professional technicians of electrical,hydraulic and mechnical,and excellent sales & service,to provice aluminum, magnesium alloy die casting machine with high-quality,clamping force from 160T to 3500T,also MT series option with servo system, various types machine design reasonable,simple and convenient to use, and certified and qualified with National casting and Forging Research Test Center; hydraulic and electrical components adopted the imported from Europe, USA and Japan, to ensure stable and reliable performance.MT series die casting machine has advanced injection and mold clamping, control performance, is suitable for manufacturing automobile and motorcycle parts,lamps, electric tools, household appliances, electric vehicles, building materials and other parts of magnesium, aluminum alloy die-casting products.

Yomato take technological innovation as the goal, honest and trustworthy as the purpose. ”Focus to concetrate,passion on die-casting,excellent service”, Yomato will be in providing high quality and reliable products, meanwhile,we set up more than 10 sales & service network in Fujian,Zhejiang,Jiangsu,Shandong,Hebei,Henan,Chongqing,etc.to provide comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales service at the first time,also Yomato exported to Russia,Turkey,Iran,Malaysia,Indonesia,Thailand,Vietnam,Colombia,Mexico,etc.more than 15 countries.

Yomato New Factory,Under Construction...

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