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About EcoTrust Injection Molding Machine

EcoTrust Machinery Co.,Ltd. Is the main manufacturer specializing in the production of high performance injection moulding machines and project hydraulic parts in China with the tiles of National Level Spark, Torch Program Science-Technology Planning Project Enterprise and High-tech Enterprise in Zhejiang Province.

Through the unceasing innovation and development of more than 30 intermediate and senior technicians and more than300 front line employees, EcoTrust Company has successfully put various professional injection moulding machines, thermosetting injection moulding machines machines, nitrogen thin wall rapid injection moulding machines, high effective energy-saving servo level frequency conversion injection moulding machines and variable pump injection moulding machines etc. series products with high scientific contents into markets. With the advantages of high precision, steady operation, long service life, high speed, high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, the above series products are widely used in the plastic industries such as medical apparatus, electronic and electrical equipment, automobile fittings, optical equipment, thin wall vessel and stationery etc., and they are deeply favored by customers. Especially the servo level frequency conversion injection moulding machine is manufac tured by adopting advanced control technology from Germany, and the variable pump plastic jetting-moulding machine is manufactured by adopting Japanese technologies. In comparison with ordinary injection moulding machine, it can reach the rate of power saving of 30% to 60%, which is highly appraised by customers. It has also been honored the award of provincial new product, and it is a key break through in the fields of injection moulding machine.

EcoTrust people are engaged in the research and development of plastic moulding wholeheartedly for a long period of time. Through more than ten years of efforts, we have established a capable and powerful scientific innovation team. And we have jointly established two educational training bases for the technical training of injection moulding machines and hydraulic technology training.

Our company has established a set of strict quality management system in accordance with the tenet of our need is our persuring, and it has passed ISO9001 quality system certificate.

The mechanical parts of series injection moulding machines under EcoTrust brand have totally passed the internationally advanced optimization design of three-dimensional software. The products are machined and moulded by adopting CNC processing center from Japan, Korea and Taiwan that they are famous for high precision, good stability and brief appearance. The accessories are all made of world famous brand electrical appliances and hydraulic components so that the injection moulding machines under sunbun brand are at the leading position in domestic in the appearance, precision, durability and versatility. The products have been sold throughout the country, and partial products have been exported.

Respectful customer, thank you for your use of EcoTrust brand lnjection moulding machine. If you have any additional technical requirements to the machine, please let us know, and we will do better according to your requirements!

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