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Die Casting Auxiliary Machines

  • Release Agent Mixer
Release Agent Mixer

Release Agent Mixer

  • High Stability
  • High Efficiency
  • High Preformance
  • High Precision Control System
  • Product description:

Release Agent Mixer

Description & Features of Release Agent Mixer

This Release Agent Mixing machine can suitable for large DIE CASTING machine. It controls by electronic numerical value, with high-precision dilution, range from 40:1 to 300:1 flexibly.

Instructions :

1.Original liquid and dilution tank apply ball cock control to reduce mis-movement and insure suited liquid level.

2.It can insure high-precision dilution for release agent. Furthermore, it`s easy to set diluteionratio,just modify data on the control panel.

3.The pressure sensor set in the output of the pump, which shows the data in the panel, the machine will alarm when the pressure is too low. Please check and deal with the problem.

Parameters of Release Agent Mixer

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