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Plastic Injection Mould

  • Plastic Knife Fork Spoon Mould
  • Plastic Knife Fork Spoon Mould
  • Plastic Knife Fork Spoon Mould
  • Plastic Knife Fork Spoon Mould
  • Plastic Knife Fork Spoon Mould
Plastic Knife Fork Spoon MouldPlastic Knife Fork Spoon MouldPlastic Knife Fork Spoon MouldPlastic Knife Fork Spoon MouldPlastic Knife Fork Spoon Mould

Plastic Knife Fork Spoon Mould

  • High Preformance
  • High Efficiency
  • High Precision Control System
  • Higher Stability
  • Product description:

Features of Plastic Fork Mould(Plastic Cutlery Mould)

As a professional mould supplier, we have made lots of thin wall food container moulds. Mature mould design of thin wall food container moulds,the demolding system can use stripper, air ejector, side air etc.

According to the products. Good cooling channel achieve the short cycle time, and it also can add the beryllium copper to reduce the cycle time due to better heat conductivity.

Plastic Fork Mould(Plastic Cutlery Mould)

Disposable plastic spoon fork and knife mould is the Fast food suppliers’ key to open the door of large molding business profit. How to buy a high speed disposable cutlery mould in high quality and long term running?

Can you achieve the maximum production capacity? How can you run the plastic cutlery mould in large production capacity and fully automatic line? Then you can turn to EcoTrust for more information of a high speed thin wall production line. We offer plastic cutlery mould such as 24,32 cavities, 64 cavities and stacking 48+48 cavities for plastic spoon moulds, plastic knife mould, plastic fork mould can run with cycle time of 5-8 seconds.

EcoTrust can do custom solution for the plastic cutlery mould production. For example, if you need low quantity, you can run it in a family mould solution, which has plastic knife, spoon fork in the same mould in 24 cavities totally. While on the other side, if you are in high volume, also will offer the high speed packaging line.

The solution of high speed container and plastic cutlery mould is not only because the good steel S136 imported from Europe, hot runner system, valve gate system for each key point of thin wall cutlery, but also a reasonable design in the container and plastic spoon, plastic knife and fork design.

EcoTrust-HX high speed injection molding machine is more suitable for plastic cutlery products, and high speed machine can achieve mould opening, ejection and charging at the same time.

For after-sales service, if any parts damaged due to the quality, we will send new parts for free during one year. If you are new in this field, EcoTrust is your best choice, we could offer the whole production line for you, and we will send engineer to your factory to help and teach you.

Others Samples of Plastic Fork Mould(Plastic Cutlery Mould)

If you have any project need Injection Molding Machine and Mould for Thin-wall Production solution,please feel free to contact us. We will offer you best solution for your Thin-wall Food container injection molding.

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