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Two-Color Injection Molding Machine

  • Mix Two Color Injection Molding Machine CMS170
  • Mix Two Color Injection Molding Machine CMS170
  • Mix Two Color Injection Molding Machine CMS170
Mix Two Color Injection Molding Machine CMS170Mix Two Color Injection Molding Machine CMS170Mix Two Color Injection Molding Machine CMS170

Mix Two Color Injection Molding Machine CMS170

  • Intelligent PC & Network
  • Servo Motor Energy Saving
  • High Efficiency & Short Cycle
  • Environmental Low Consumption
  • Product description:

★The machine is equipped with twin screw barrel set and special design compound nozzle:
The twin screw can be controlled by computer to exchange injection, simultaneous injection and gradual injection.
The composite nozzle is specially designed to transform and enhance the mixing effect.
★Production does not need to re-develop the mold and use the original mold to realize the multicolor function.
It can produce special pattern and multi-layer color plastic parts, can also change the color, pattern, shape.
★ In addition, when the machine does not produce mixed color products, as long as the auxiliary barrel function is turned off, the main barrel can produce single color plastic products as the same as the single color injection molding machine.
★The use of hybrid two-color injection molding machine to produce plastic products can directly enhance the added value of the products, recreate the second spring of the mold, and create additional profits.

Technical Parameter:
international size rating /UNIT 1 /UNIT 2
mm 45 38
Screw L:D ratio 22 21
Shot volume cm3 357 192
Shot weight(PS) g 325 175
Injection pressure Bar 1770 1860
Injection rate cm3/s 160 104
Max.screw speed r/min 190 210
Clamping force kN 1700
Opening stroke mm 435
Space between tie bars mm 460x460
Max.mold height mm 500
Min.mold height mm 180
Ejector stroke mm 135
Ejector force kN 50
Number of ejector 5
Systerm pressure Bar 160
Pump motor kW 18.5 11
Heating capacity kW 12.3 7.55
Oil tank capacity L 400
Machine dimension(L×W×H) m×m×m 5.04x2.4x2.04
Machine weight t 6.5
Hopper capacity kg 25 25
We Crate Advantages:
>High Quality >High Efficiency >High Precision >Energy-Saving
>High Performance-Price Ratio
The CMS injection molding machine inherits the original Germany and Italy design and high-quality manufacturing technology and it's assembled in China.
According to the customer's choice and actual demand, optimize the combination of clamping, injection and driver unit to satisfying all the requirements of customers and it's also keep high efficiency.
>High repetition precision
The CMS serial injection molding machine optimizes injection process, guarantees repeated fling and consistent high-quality injection. Precision injection molding can be comparable to full electricity.
The CMS serial injection molding machine uses the high-quality components. It can work efficiently for a long time. Strong and durable, needn't the frequent maintenance.
Designed Point 1: Clamping Unit

>Larger space between tie bars, suitable for larger molds and multi-cavity necessary.
>Longer and wider guide length, higher repeatability precision, improving products quality and mold working-life.
>Upgraded parts, Graphite-copper bushes and slider used on tie-bar, ejector and movable platen, ensure fast and precise mold close and open.
>Better designed mechanical structure and toggle system, faster cycle time, and improve production efficiency.
>European type ejector structure, larger space, convenient for maintenance.
>Prepared enough space for upgrade and retrofits.
>Built-in and adjustment free mechanical safety bar, more safe and convenient.
>Much higher rigidity mechanical system than normal Chinese IMM, not only improve machine's using life, but also can protect mold.
Designed Point 2: Injection Unit

>Wide variety injection unit with modular design can be provided depending on the features of molded products.
>Full supported injection unit with dual precise linear guide rails, ensure the best precision and fast start speed.
>Dual carriage cylinders improve a better injection precision.
>Injection unit steel pipes adopt pipe fitting to connect, no welding design ensure maintenance and after-service to be easier.
>Mobile nozzle shield makes production and maintenance easier.
>Imported high quality SKD61 material screw tip, check ring and thrust ring; a lot kinds of screws design can meet different plastic material and special processing injection molding needs.
>The high torque and high speed hydraulic motor is used in the plasticizing motor with high efficiency and high response.
>Double layer insulated material barrel, effective heat insulation, prevent scald, safer production process.
>Roller slide structure to facilitate customers to change raw materials.
Designed Point 3: Hydraulic System
>Standard equipped with precise and energy saving servomotor system, energy saving capacity can reach to20%~80% than traditional injection machine.
>World famous brands hydraulic parts ensure machine's reliability and fast response speed.
>Visible and dischargeable oil tank, easy for hydraulic circuit maintenance.
>Adopt modular adaptor valve blocks, hydraulic circuit and functions easy for up-grade and maintenance Effective reduce pressure loss and improve responsiveness.
>Self-sealed magnetic suction filter, make your maintenance more convenient.
>Logical distribution of pump oil suction port, oil tank oil outlet and hydraulic pipe fits, easy for maintenance.
>Germany DIN standard hydraulic pipe fitting with seal, G screw thread style plug, avoid oil pollution
Designed Point 4: Electric Part
>World well-known brands electric parts.
>The high quality color liquid crystal controller, and the power system manufacturer cooperation research and development, the control is precise, the response speed is quicker, the powerful software control function, satisfies more different craft request.
>Standard equipped LED three-color tower light with alarm, machine working situation is clear.
>Modernized network management function available.
>Water-proof rubber seal used on electric cabinet ensure high safety.
>Machine program according to CE safety standard.
Designed Point 5: Servo Energy-Saving System
>The direct drive connection between the servo motor and the gear pump, provides excellent drive torque giving maximum acceleration and deceleration speeds for all machine functions. The patented drive system is a true advantage for high stability and repeatable molding conditions.
>The servo drive system provides significant cost savings for machine energy consumption compared to traditional hydraulic drive systems.
>The consumption of hydraulic oil cooling water is dramatically reduced due to the on-demand control of the servo drive system. Only the required quantity of oil is used during each stage of the machine cycle, which eliminates bypass oil wastage as found in traditional hydraulic systems.

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