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Plastic Injection Mould

  • Blow Mould
  • Blow Mould
Blow MouldBlow Mould

Blow Mould

  • High Preformance
  • High Efficiency
  • High Precision Control System
  • Higher Stability
  • Product description:

Application of Plastic Cap Mould

- Wide-mouth jar
- Cosmetic bottle
- Detergent bottle
- Pharmaceutical bottle
- Soy sauce bottle
- Edible oil bottle
- Double seam can
- Mineral water bottle
- Heat-filled bottle

- CSD bottle

Application of Plastic Cap Mould

1. Applying 45 #, s136, 2316, aluminum 7075 and other different steel according to customer’s requirements.

2. Adapt to all kinds of brands, various types of blow molding machine.
3. 15,000 rev / min high speed engraving machine.
4. Mirror polished surface and excellent cooling water channel.
5. 5ML~260L HDPE blow mould.

If you have any project need Injection PET Prefrom solution,please feel free to contact us. We will offer you best solution for your PET Preform injection molding.

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