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260-420Ton Factory Direct Sales Thin-wall High-speed High Precision Injection Molding Machine

260-420Ton Factory Direct Sales Thin-wall High-speed High Precision Injection Molding Machine

HDK Series High-speed injection molding machine.

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260-420Ton Factory Direct Sales Thin-wall High-speed High Precision Injection Molding Machine


Precision structure

Injection System

Enhanced dual-cylinder dual-rod injection mechanism, reduce injection back pressure, improve injection speed and service life. The double linear guide rail can balance the pedestal mechanism and improve the positioning accuracy of the barrel. The precise screw design, enhances the injection precision greatly, reduces the product defective rate effectively. Can choose the original imported pneumatic nozzle, open and close flexible, reliable sealant; machine barrel wall thickness increased design, high-power heating device, to ensure plasticizing efficiency.


Clamping System

High stiffness thick template design, reduce the thin-walled injection molding deformation; optimization of five-fulcrum elbow-bar clamping mechanism, template, uniform force, smooth and fast movement. Lock Shaft and pull rod guide adopts high-strength pressure-resistant wear-resistant self-lubricating bearing to reduce impact and improve service life. Lengthen the template guiding mechanism, template moving smoothly to improve the accuracy of open-die positioning, easy to pick up the manipulator. The use of volumetric quantitative distribution of thin oil lubrication, optimization of lubrication distribution, reduce the use of lubricating oil. The tie rod and lock shaft are made of high quality alloy steel and designed to prolong the service life of the machine.


Hydraulic system

High-speed special storage motor and hydraulic components of international famous brands are adopted to ensure high-speed, high-efficiency and long service life. High response oil circuit and hydraulic valve plate Modular design, optimize oil circuit layout, Chase through non-damping, effectively reduce pressure loss, improve response. Injection and mold opening and closing proportional reversing valves are optional for more accurate position and faster response. High-efficiency and reasonable servo system configuration, injection speed than ordinary machine increased by more than one time. Infrared nano-heating device can be selected to further improve the plasticizing quality.


Control System

Using the latest International Distributed Control System, a new hardware design, intelligent interface with EtherCAT/Can Communication 01 communication technology, faster CPU operation, is specially developed for all-motor and high-speed machine. The use of all-digital communication technology makes the machine’s technical indicators significantly improved. More accurate pressure and flow control. A variety of action status graphic display, more intuitive understanding of the state of the machine. Reservation of Internet Management System and energy consumption display function can realize the remote real-time monitoring and maintenance diagnosis of each injection molding machine, reasonable production and other advanced management.


Value Advantage

Higher productivity

According to the characteristics of injection molding, the optimization design of injection molding, mould closing, hydraulic pressure, control and so on can greatly shorten the production cycle time.

Stricter safety standards

Comply with the national mandatory safety standards, to ensure the safety of personnel operation.

Lower usage and maintenance costs

Multi-action compound operation design, high-speed low-pressure injection to improve thin-walled products production efficiency, high-quality material use, high-life design of the mechanical structure, greatly reduce maintenance costs.

A more complete mechanical structure

Frame-type frame design, based on finite element analysis to improve the stiffness and strength, greatly improve the accuracy of the frame, reduce the deformation of the frame, so that the whole machine runs more smoothly and smoothly.


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