3 Axis Servo Drive Industry Robot for 320-680Ton IMM

3 Axis Servo Drive Industry Robot for 320-680Ton IMM

High Speed;

High Efficiency;


Improve production efficiency,

Create more value for you.
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Design Features

Suitable for 90-1200T injection molding machine

X Y Z axis is driven by imported AC servo motors. The X Y Z arms use the light-weight and high-rigid aluminum alloy structure beams, which can meet the requirements of fast fetching, smooth and unhindered action, high efficiency, low vibration and long service life.

Double-section arm

It adopts the high-rigid linear sliding rails, aluminum alloy structure beams, specially designed rack and belt speed multiplier, which greatly shortens the height of the upper and lower arms.

It takes only half of the stroke to reach the full stroke. In addition to increasing the speed and stability of the up and down stroke, it can adapt to the places with low height in the factory and uses a 90 degree –interlocking equipment to make the arm more stable, smooth and fast. Product patent number: CN201620682443.8.

Jig Circuit

The pneumatic pipeline and inspection signal are pre-set for the jig, with three return circuits for both sucking and holding. This structure can be used for such take-out operations of the jig as sucking, nipping and holding as well as for take-out of various finished products. The side mechanism can be removed by using the male or female mold. The rotation angle is 90 degree.

TypeDouble sectionThree-Axis Servo Robot
Vertical strokemm110013001500
Crosswise strokemm145015501650
Swing strokemm230023002500
Drive system X Y Z Axis Servo motor
Gripper rotation angleo909090
Max load(with tool)kg333
Minimum takeout timesec222
Dry cycle time(without tool)sec99.59.5
Working air pressurekgf/cm²5--75--75--7
Air consumptionNL/cycle252525
Power consumptionKVA1.51.51.8
PowerAC220V 50/60Hz220V 50/60Hz220V 50/61Hz
Net weightkg260270280