Aluminum liquid automatic distribution feeding line

Aluminum liquid automatic distribution feeding line
Note:All automatic distribution feeding line request customilized making according to actually production conditions.

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Aluminum liquid automatic distribution feeding line


Aluminum liquid automatic distribution feeding line is special design for aluminum alloy die casting workshop,it occupies less space, with the process of automatic operation, the use of man-machine interface control,safe and stable, high efficiency, can save a lot of production costs. With a large amount of aluminum liquid supply capacity,it can meet the requirements of the different die casting production requirements.

Main features

Aluminum liquid automatic distribution feeding line main body adopts the high quality steel making and baking process, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment in the long term under the condition of high temperature;

The electric components adopt imported famous brand, and the failure rate is very low;

Multiple safety device design, to ensure that the equipment is running in a safe and stable state;

The man-machine interface and LED signal display, the control and debugging is simple and easy to operate, and the operation state is direct and clear;

The ladle cup with material using imported composite ceramic fiber production, and heat-resistant steel skeleton of various type design, high strength,aluminum non stick on the quality of aluminum liquid had no effect;

Concentrated melting furnace energy use widely, can use oil, natural gas, biomass,etc.;

To custom design the overall best plan for the customer, ensure that the investment cost is the lowest.

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