Cast Iron Plunger head/ Cast Iron Plunger tip

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We have more than 20 years of research on the application and manufacture of the plunger tip, by adding the content of ally elements in the ductile iron. and refining the aain structure to make it’s crystal lattice distortion and dislocation after special treatment.
Therefore, the high temperature resistance and the wear resistance between metals are improved. At present, our company produced a scientific and ideal nodular cast iron plunger tip whose service life is up to 5000 times.
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Instructions for use and notes of the plunger tip

1. The sprue bushing and the shot sleeve should be correctly axially fit witheach other; otherwise they will result in the unilateral tensioned damage and unilateral wearing of the plunger tip;

2. Preheat the plungertip beforeusing, because it can eliminate the gap between the shot sleeve and sprue bushing, so as to avoid the strainof the plunger tip. Shot several modes slowly on the plungertip when opening the machine. it can also make the gap betweeniniection and solution cup idealized.

3. The mechanical properties of the plungertip willlost at high temperature, and the water cycle cooling can be used as much as possible to extend the service life of the plunger tip.

4. Although the graphite in nodular castiron presents pellets which have oillubrication function, the spherical graphite is extremely small. The suggestion is that theusers should use low molecular weight lubricating oil to extend the service life of the plunger tip.

5. The user should roughly determine the tolerance coefficient of the plunger according to the sizes of the plunger, cooling conditions and the shot sleeve conditions. The tolerance coefficient isusually selected form 0.10% to 0.17% to calculate the tolerance of the plunger.

Standard Plunger Head

Diamter: 40mm/50mm/60mm/70mm/80mm/90mm/100mm/110mm/120mm/130mm/140mm/150mm/160mm/170mm/180mm/190mm/200mm

Custom Plunger Head

Diamter: 45mm/55mm/65mm/75mm/85mm/95mm/105mm/115mm/125mm/135mm/145mm/155mm/165mm/175mm/185mm/195mm/205mm

Besides the standard,also we can supply the special plunger head according to your requirement.

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