Combined Plunger Head

Short Description:
Standard Plungern Head

Diamter:40mm/50mm/60mm/70mm/80mm/90mm/100mm/110mm/120mm/130mm/140mm/150mm/160mm/170mm/180mm/190mm/200m m

Custom Plunger Head


Besides the standard, also we can supply the special plunger head according to your requirement.
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The working principle of the vacuum self-compensating plunger(patent product) is that the open copper ring is always in the "open" tendency under the acting force of the built-in spring, so that the wear of the outer diameter of the copper ring is automatically compensated by the " expanding" of the ring,always allowing the outer circumference of the copper ring and the inner wall of the shot sleeve stay in a tight state, hermetically seals the inner chamber of the shot sleeve to achieve the vacuum sealing effect and increase of the service life of the plunger.

Component life: Body 30000-50000shots;

Front ring 5000-10000shots; Back ring is front ring × 2-3.

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