Die Casting Release Agent
  • Die Casting Release Agent
  • Die Casting Release Agent

Die Casting Release Agent

Short Description:
Physical and chemical index: unlimited miscible in water (water-soluble), milky white liquid (droplet polarized light blue), no flash point, aromatic taste, PH8.0-PH9.0, density 0.96-0.97g/ cm3.
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We are professional in die casting and chemistry, and after more than 20 years of application research, die casting release agent from quality and economic performance are widely trusted and recognized.

About 70% of the raw materials, such as synthetic wax, synthetic oil, modified siloxane and emulsifier, are from Germany, USA, and some of the raw materials are from domestic first-class enterprises.

Method of use

1. Using tap water dilution (do not use well water dilution), manual slight stirring even (use automatic proportioning machine, do not use uninterrupted compressed air stirring), note: above 2 prohibited, will cause release agent "demulsification aggregation ";

2. Adopt only spray gun or automatic spraying system, spray evenly and blow dry to ensure casting quality;

3. The optimum use of mold release agent is between 200°C and 300°C.

4. Dilution ratio: according to the casting complexity, die depth ratio, aluminum alloy Si content, zinc alloy and other different circumstances to make appropriate adjustments.

Die casting release agent

• Packing Specification: 20kg, 200kg Barrel

• Reference dilution ratio

• Medium and small castings, zinc alloy dilution ratio :1:100~1:120;

• Large complex parts, deep cavity mold dilution ratio :1:80-1:100;

• The dilution ratio of pure aluminum and low Si aluminum alloy is 1:50~1:60;


Attention to custody: anti-freezing sunscreen, indoor custody, after opening attention to seal cover.

The shelf life is 6 months for the liquid seal.

Emergency treatment: If leakage, clean with water.