Electrical Magnesium Dosing Furnace

J Series Electrical Magnesium Dosing Furnace
We provide a full range of magnesium alloy die-casting industrial furnaces, which can meet the production requirements of safety, efficiency and high quality of magnesium alloy die-casting.
Holding capacity:250KG-1500KG

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J Series Electrical Magnesium Dosing Furnace 

Structural systems:

Crucible made of 1) special composite steel plate, no contamination of magnesium liquid, anticorrosive structure, long service life

2) Stainless Steel Case and Panel, Corrosion Resistance, High Temperature Resistance (Patent: ZL201430063916.2)

3) quantitative pump instantaneous flow design, maintenance time of more than 30 days (patent: ZL201220249304.8)

The 4) transmission pipe is made of special corrosion resistant material and can be changed quickly for more than 30 days (patent: ZL201120347014.2)

The 5) preheater adopts the clamping mechanism, which makes the liquid level control stable and the feed accurate (Patent: ZL201420137471.2)

Design of 6) Anti-blocking Magnesium Alloy Bend (Patent: ZL201120322157.8)

7) Perfect Cleaning Tool (Patent: ZL201120323381.9)


Product details

Control system:

1) with Siemens PLC control center ,14' ultra-large color touch screen

2) can realize remote function

3) The imported KOFLOC flux controls the protective air flow, saves the gas and protects the crucible



1) gas undervoltage alarm, automatic protection function of blackout (patent: ZL201120347026.5)(patent: ZL201120347028.4)

2) full touch screen real-time monitoring and prompt troubleshooting guidelines (software copyright)

Protection of 3) Electrical Components (Patent Design: ZL201120347030.1)


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