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Electrical Rotary Crucible Furnace

Electrical Rotary Crucible Furnace
We can provide many types furnaces to meet the production needs of different die-casting production. From complex centralized melting furnace to simple crucible melting furnace,In addition the standard furnaces, we also provide powerful custom furnaces according to your requirements.

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1. Double crucible design, furnace can be manual or electric rotation, alternate use;

2. Furnace lining is pressed by imported refractory fiber module, replacing the original refractory brick structure, which has the characteristics of good heat preservation effect, small heat storage capacity and high heating speed, and the temperature rise of furnace wall is less than 25°C;

3. Adopts inlet temperature control instrument, PID control, furnace temperature stability control at ±5°C;

4. Equipped with a non-metallic thermocouple protection tube, direct measurement of aluminum temperature, double temperature control, conducive to the correct execution of the art;

5. Selected imported graphite crucible, good thermal conductivity, long service life, no iron proliferation;

6. It is heated by high temperature alloy resistance band, which has the characteristics of large heat dissipation surface area and long service life;

7. Control system is also equipped with leakage alarm, over temperature alarm and other functions to ensure the safety of equipment and operation;

8. Furnace cover under pressure rotation, easy to operate.


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