Goose Neck for zinc alloy die casting machine

Short Description:
Standard use for 10T/25T/30T/40T/50T/90T/130T/160T/200T/280T/400T

Custom use for 28T/38T/60T/88T/100T

Besides the standard goose neck, also we can supply the special goose neck according to your requirement.
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Gooseneck pot is a core component of hot chamber die casting machine. It is mainly used for a path process of zinc alloy liquid entering the mold cavity, which can provide effective help for the production accuracy, speed and pressure of die casting machine. 

This is a consumable, which may be damaged under the environment of high temperature, high pressure and high speed, and needs to be replaced in time. We can also provide various models of gooseneck pots to match different die-casting machines.

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