Hydraulic Trimming Press

Hydraulic Trimming Press

Note:All robots request customilized making according to actually production conditions.
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Hydraulic Trimming Press


1.Adopt steel construction of 4-poles and 3-boards, with high precision, good rigidity, and high intension of anti-pressure.

2.With simple designed hydraulic loop, controlled by PLC, it makes the maintenance very easy.

3.The pressure, moving distance and pressure-keeping are adjustable according to press requests easily

4.Adopt imported hydraulic and electrical components, has a long working life.

5.Adopt two-arm operation style, with function of urgent stop and jiggle movement, it’s safe and efficient. With the raster protection, the operation is more safe.

6.Especially suitable for pressing the aluminum castings, plastic and rubber products, flatting silicon work-pieces.

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