Large size Electrical Magnesium Dosing Furnace

DMD large size Electrical Magnesium Dosing Furnace.
We provide a full range of magnesium alloy die-casting industrial furnaces, which can meet the production requirements of safety, efficiency and high quality of magnesium alloy die-casting.
Holding capacity:1500KG-3500KG

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  1. Insulation furnace over-temperature, leaking furnace automatic alarm.
  2. Protection alarm is low, and the protection air flow is low.
  3. Heated device short circuit, overload automatic power off protection.
  4. Thermal short circuit and open circuit fault alarm automatically.
  5. Alarm and fault information can be traced back.
  6. Power supply voltage, operating current LED display.
  7. Working status I/O output signal is automatically displayed.
  8. Furnace parameter input authorization password control.
  9. The backup protection gas is automatically switched.
  10. Peripheral device PLC output can be expanded.
  11. The status indicator on the control panel of the key work status.
  12. Real-time temperature curve visually tracks temperature changes.
  13. Temperature data can be exported and process data can be analyzed and saved.
  14. The inductive detection function of the bismuth magnesium liquid outlet prevents the empty hammer from being discharged when the pouring pipe is blocked.
  15. The quantity and quantity of strontium magnesium ingots are automatically recorded and inquired.

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