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Liquid silicone rubber LSR Dosing Machine

Liquid silicone rubber LSR Dosing Machine

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Liquid silicone rubber LSR Dosing Machine 


1. Excellent man-machine interface, combined with self-developed control program, easy and efficient operation.

2. The power part adopts full hydraulic system, and the hydraulic components adopt international brand components to ensure feeding stability,high reliability and effectively,avoid leakage and pollution.

3. A and B extraction cylinders adopt synchronous structure design to ensure pressure output balance; Equipped with pressure sensor, sound and light alarm function for overpressure and shortage of materials; The automatic oil pressure regulation function ensures that the ratio is output according to 1:1, and the accuracy is within 1%

4. The color slurry pump is installed on the host for easy disassembly; The amount of color paste can be adjusted arbitrarily, the color mixing is uniform, there is no flow pattern, the state is stable and accurate, and the waste is less; The imported air control valve does not need electrical signal access, and the color slurry pump can be shifted arbitrarily, which is convenient for the exchange of multiple machines, further reducing the color change frequency and waste

5. Clean, energy-saving, high efficiency and low noise. It is suitable for the transportation of all kinds of two-component liquid silicone rubber

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