M Series Electrical Magnesium Dosing Furnace

M Series Electrical Magnesium Dosing Furnace
We provide a full range of magnesium alloy die-casting industrial furnaces, which can meet the production requirements of safety, efficiency and high quality of magnesium alloy die-casting.
Holding capacity:250KG-1500KG

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Magnesium alloy furnace structure system:

1) The concrete made of special composite steel plate does not pollute the magnesium liquid, has anti-corrosion structure inside, and has long service life.

2) Using a radiant tube or other heating method, the heater can be quickly replaced

3) Stainless steel casing and panel, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant

4) Imported thermocouple, accurate temperature control and high service life

5) Quantitative pump instantaneous flow design, maintenance time of more than 30 days (patent: ZL201220249304.8)

6) The transmission tube is made of special corrosion-resistant materials, which can be quickly changed, and the maintenance time is more than 30 days (patent: ZL201120347014.2)

7) Preheater adopts clamping mechanism to make liquid level control stable and accurate feeding (patent: ZL201420137471.2)

8) Preheating machine has low energy consumption and good preheating effect.

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