Manual Spray Gun Common Single Pipe
  • Manual Spray Gun Common Single Pipe
  • Manual Spray Gun Common Single Pipe

Manual Spray Gun Common Single Pipe

Short Description:
Spray gun realizes automatic remote to convey and spray liquid coating with the he negative pressure is produced by the sudden expansion of the compressed air in the spray nozzle: it is classified into two types: two-position self-suction adjustable double-pipe spray gun, and two-position self-suction adiustable composite-pipe spray gun.

The atomization quantity and area of the double-pipe spray gun are adjustable, while both the gas discharge an atomization quantities of composite-pipe spray gun are adjustable. The gas discharge position is used for the uniform drving of the coating by blowing and forthe removal of the mold residues, while ihe liquid discharge posiftion is used for the spraying of the liquid coating.
More Details


The two-position self-suction adjustable composite pipe spray gun is based on the principle of compressed air forming negative pressure in the nozzle cavity to achieve remote automatic suction liquid paint spray. The gas output and atomization quantity of the composite pipe spray gun can be adjusted, and the outlet gear is used to blow dry and clean the mold residue, and the outlet gear is used for spraying liquid paint.

Usage method

1. Air connector (A or AIR mark) is connected to the air source connecting pipe, and the liquid inlet connector (O or OI mark) is connected to the liquid delivery pipe, and is firmly fixed with iron wire or throat hoop;

2. The liquid delivery pipe is connected with the coating with pressure. Pay attention that the coating pressure should be less than the compressed air pressure;

3. Operating procedures: open the first gear (air supply valve core) to only produce compressed air, and open the first and second gear (liquid valve core) to spray paint;

4. The gas volume and solar term can be regulated by regulating the gas regulating valve core and the liquid regulating valve core.

Model: WFT (Total spray gun length)

Technical parameters: compressed air pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.8MPa;

Commonly used spray gun length: 400mm, 450mm, 500mm; the total length of spray gun can be customized to multiply by 50mm.


1. It is better to clean the spray gun in time after use, especially spray the paint with adhesion or solid particles. Cleaning method: insert the coating pipe into the water (or organic solvent) for 2~3 minutes to achieve the cleaning effect.

2. If the spray gun is found to be blocked, the spray nozzle can be blocked with the thumb, and the first and second gears can be opened at the same time. The blockage may return from the coating pipeline to remove the blockage.