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MT550 Precision Factory Direct Sales Aluminum Alloy High Pressure Die Casting Machine

MT550 Precision Factory Direct Sales Aluminum Alloy High Pressure Die Casting Machine

High Preformance
High Efficiency
Higher Stability

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MT550 Precision Factory Direct Sales Aluminum Alloy High Pressure Die Casting Machine


  1. The PLC adopts Omron color display touch screen and artificial intelligence operation control.
  2. Double proportional control oil circuit, pressure and speed can be adjusted automatically.
  3. Central automatic lubrication system, timing lubrication toggle, improve mechanical life and reduce maintenance.
  4. High strength toggle structure design ensures more stable and durable machine base.
  5. High strength mechanical structure, double ejector cylinder design(≥300Ton).
  6. The thickness and toggle are strengthened, and the guide sleeve of the middle plate is lengthened by 30%, which ensures the high stability and balance of the mold platen operation.
  7. Cut off the design of oil circuit to ensure the stable operation of hydraulic system.
  8. The well designed injection control system, with the parameters adjustable, is suitable for the production of various high precision products.


  1. Higher Performance

Air shot speed ≥ 8m/s, intensification pressure building time ≤ 15ms, slow-fast injection switching time ≤25ms. The machine is suitable for aluminum and magnesium.

  1. Higher Efficiency

The injection system and extremely fast clamping system, built according to the new structural design of advanced foreign die casting machines, are much more reliable than traditional die casting machines and achieve high-speed production and higher output.

  1. Higher Stability

The key units of the die casting machine, such as the injection system, precisely engineered according to the structural and processes design of famous foreign die casting machines, has high rigidity, high reliability and high durability and is  adaptable to adverse operating environment to realize highly stable production.


Stable Electrical Control System

The ORMON PLC control system (touch screen) is safe and reliable with high control accuracy. Separate integration of the electrical and electronic systems effectively enhances the stability of the electrical circuit.

Superior Injection System

Superior non-floating piston injection system has a low malfunction rate,built-in one-way valve control, shorten the pressure build-up time and ensure the good stability.

Highly Stable Toggle System

The high-rigidity mold opening and closing mechanism meets the requirements of high-speed machines and it is resistant to impacts and has long lifespan. In addition, the fast clamping system is a standard feature for the purpose of high-speed production.

Precise Hydraulic Control System

Multi-level electrically operated proportional pressure and flow control, as well as low-pressure mold protection is available;Original imported high performance, low noise dual vane pump from Japan;Electromagnetic valve,Electrical hydraulic valve.

Central Lubrication System

The toggles are equipped with an automatic central lubrication system that allows separate adjustments of the lubrication interval and oil volume and improves the lifespan and reliability of the machine.


General technolog:

  Servo Motor Energy Saving System /Oil Cooling System(option)

  1. High efficiency and excellence in energy saving

The die casting machine automatically adjusts the flow pressure based on the computer setting. The overall energy saving effect can reach 45%~75%.

  1. Low noise

Noise during normal operation less than 65dB, to achieve quiet operation and improve the working environment.

  1. High speed response

The overall system dynamic response time is less than 50ms, and the production efficiency is increased by 5% to 7% over the ordinary models.

  1. High-precision control

The PID adjustment of the system flow and pressure by the oil-cooled servo driver makes that the repeatable precision of the entire oil system is controlled within 0.3% to ensure product quality.

  1. Increase of service life

The double closed loop of flow pressure makes the machine run steadily and with high repeatability, greatly reducing the strike, relieving the wear of various components and prolonging the service life.

Real Time Closed Loop Injection Control System (option)

Injection with real time adjustments of key parameters to ensure highest process stability and precision.  

  1. Constant acceleration of 1st Phase velocity
    Optimized 1st phase to minimize or avoid air entrapment during pre-filling.
  2. Precise and quick switch to fast filling phase
    Precise switch to fast filling to achieve the ideal injection process.
  3. Fast and precise switch-over to intensification phase       
    Quick and precise trigger of intensification phase to allow quick pressure build up time.
  4. Speed brake at the end of cavity filling     
    Braking in high speed injection, not only reduces flash build up but also increase die service life.
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