Nickel Plunger Head
  • Nickel Plunger Head
  • Nickel Plunger Head

Nickel Plunger Head

Short Description:
Standard Plunger Head

Diamter: 40mm/50mm/60mm/70mm/80mm/90mm/100mm/110mm/120mm/130mm/140mm/150mm/160mm/170mm/180mm/190mm/200mm

Custom Plunger Head

Diamter: 45mm/55mm/65mm/75mm/85mm/95mm/105mm/115mm/125mm/135mm/145mm/155mm/165mm/175mm/185mm/195mm/205mm

Besides the standard, also we can supply the special plunger head according to your requirement.
More Details


Nickel- base plunger tip is made with carbon steel as the base material, and is welded with Ni, Cr B Siand Mo wear-resistant and wear- reducing allovs strenathening coat. With excellent high temperature resistance and wear reduction characteristics of Ni and Mo, doubly improving the wear resistance among the metals and the plunger tip, and largely reducing the damage of the shot sleeve. Nickel-base plunger tip has strengthening hardness of HRC45±3.

The service life is about ten thousand times.