Shot beads dispenser

Shot beads dispenser

Shot beads dispenser

Note:All robots request customilized making according to actually production conditions.
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Shot beads dispenser


1.Easy to operate, convenient in loading raw material.

2.Automatic warning when material is empty.

3.Feeding volume can be adjusted as desired.

4.Applicable for both big and small granules.

5.Can choose to feed every die close cycle or after multiple cycles, to save on plunger lubricant cost.

6.The machine gives precision feeding, is robust and low failure rate.



1.Increase plunger sleeve life, reduce friction, and increase injection speed.

2.Does not cause waste-oil pollution; the die cast machine can be kept clean, improving safety within the factory.

3.Compared to plunger slicks, it will give 20% longer plunger sleeve life.

4.No oil marks on the casting, making the casting clean and shinny.

5.The gating, runners, and biscuits won`t be oily, preventing oil pollution when recycling.

6.The floors won`t be contaminated with oil; helps maintain a clean and dry working environment.

7.The die casting machine won’t be oily, helps reduce accident.